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Y-type Strainer is suitable for steam, air, kerosene, water, weakly corrosive gases and liquids. the Valve has the characteristics of advanced structure, small resistance, convenient flushing and fast flow, so the pressure loss is small, strong anti-fouling, convenient slag discharge, etc.


Stainless steel Y-strainer is used with valves and other major equipment in the pipeline, and stainless steel Y-strainer can also be used in the pipeline alone.

The medium in the pipeline first enters the filter, and then enters the connecting valve and pipeline through the screen, while the debris is left in the filter barrel.

Stainless steel Y-type tie rod telescopic filter is composed of Y-type strainer and telescopic joint. Stainless steel Y-type strainer is usually installed at the import end of valves and other major equipment, so that it can be used for cleaning debris and installation and disassembly to protect valves or equipment and normal use.

Stainless steel Y-type strainer is a small device to remove the solids in the liquid, which can protect the normal work and operation of compressors, pumps and other equipment and instruments, to achieve the role of stabilizing the process and ensuring safety.